Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Helmet...Such a Novel Concept

Today I went skiing. I did all the normal skiing things. I got up, checked the weather, made breakfast and loaded up the car. I rocked out to my favorite CD on the way up to the mountain while drinking coffee. When I got there, I parked the car, rented skis, poles and boots and checked in at the volunteer office. I collected my ski pass (free to volunteers, such as myself), finished my coffee, and then headed up the lift. I started on the little runs, had some fun on a couple slightly bigger hills and then warmed up at lunch time with coffee and cheap pizza. With the exception of being early, everything was normal.

And then I went down a bigger and much steeper hill. The weather was cold and windy and the snow was icy, but it still seemed like a good idea. About three quarters of the way down this steeper, icier, colder, meaner run I fell. And by fell, I mean that I tripped, or caught on edge, or got going to fast, or something and knocked my body head first into the mountain. Hard. Eventually I managed to ski my dizzy, nauseous, pissed-off ass down to the ski patrol station to get checked out by the ski patrol EMT. I was fine, by the way. Just a very mild, almost not even there, nothing to worry about concussion coupled with a good and hardy case of whiplash. And then was I driven home, tail tucked firmly between my legs. That is the short version.

To those of you reading who may require addition information, please see below.

Ma/Ryan: I will buy a helmet tomorrow. Yes, I do realize I was an idiot for not wearing one. No, I will not do anything like this ever again. I promise.

Dad: Yes, I am just fine. Health insurance was not involved and I will not need to be filing any medical forms or arguing with any member of the health insurance 'industry'. No, there were no lawyers present. Yes, I did sign a form, but it only stated that I was checked off by the EMT as healthy and unbroken.

Courtney: I'm sorry to disappointment you, but the ski patrol person was a woman, not a cute boy. I know--I was sad, too.

Robin: As I told Ma and Ryan, I WILL buy a helmet. Tomorrow. And it will be pink, damn it.

Kelly: Stop laughing at me.

Auntie Elaine: Yes, this certainly qualifies as another Nicki moment.

And now my heating pad and I are going to bed.


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