Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where I've Been

Working. And when not working, at home. I know--riveting.

Last week I threw a fit and told Jason that I want a life. We work so much and rarely get out that it's almost a waste to live here. So, being the Great Fixer, he took me and Lucy hiking. Well, it's not really hiking since we just sort of putzed around the woods, but we did get out and it felt great.

I've also been able to set up a little corner for me to write, read and have some elbow room. Maybe now some of those creative juices will get flowing again. Maybe.

One of the things that has followed me into my little corner is my stack of wedding magazines. Dear god I had no idea how much stuff went into wedding planning. Well, I did have an idea, but that was from the catering/venue/strictly business side of it. Hotel room blocks? Got it. Brie vs. chevre? Totally understand the difference. Attrition, rental agreements and down payments? Check. But veils? Flowers? Center pieces? Save the date cards? Flower girl dresses???? NO. It's all a giant mess in my head. And now it's spilled onto the floor of my corner. In short, the wedding stuff is kind of stressing me out.

I was not the girl who had her dream wedding planned by the age of 12. I was the kid planning her escape to the back woods of Oregon. I was the one fantasizing about leaving Ohio with a cloud of dust trailing a Nissan Xterra (in reality, I left calmly and quietly in my Mercury Sable with my father driving). My room was painted blue and plastered with photos of rivers and mountains, not pink and filled with lace. So no, I am not completely adept when it comes to comparing napkin colors and this lack of vision is starting to become problematic. I know I want it to be classy, fun and memorable, but how does one do that? And how does one do that for less than $10,000?

But that's why there is Ma Chilton and a small army of girlfriends, cousins, aunts and soon-to-be family members to help me through it. Only 48 hours after getting engaged, Ma and I went to Columbus, met up with my fabulous friend, Sarah and her sisters and found my dress. As far as we know, it's a record.

And the reason for the record purchase was that at first Jason and I thought we would rush it and get married this summer. We were just that excited about becoming hubby and wife. But this summer means that we would've had a scant 7 months to plan a destination wedding. So, after rushing through the dress buying phase (and admittedly spending roughly a month wrestling with buyers remorse) and finding a venue only days after getting back to Bozeman, we decided to put the wedding off until summer of 2010. Most people see putting a wedding off as something bad, or perhaps a sign of bad things to come, but for Jay and I it was a huge relief. Both of our mothers blurted out "Oh, thank God!" when we told them, and now many more of our friends and family will be able to attend. For some, the fast approaching date was too soon to get their ducks in a row. So technically, we didn't "put off" the wedding, we simply re-scheduled it.

But now, I've been granted time (lots of time) to turn myself dizzy with magazines, planners, 'helpful' guides and websites. So other than working or hanging out with Jason, I'm pushing my wedding around the floor of my corner. Go me.

In other news Ma and Pa Chilton are in Paris this week celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. I can't tell you how excited I am that they're there. Ma has always wanted to go to Paris and for multiple reasons throughout their marriage the trip was always put off. But now (right this very minute!) my parents are enjoying breakfast in Paris. Knowing my Ma, she has probably told more than one waiter to suck it when it comes to the bad attitude--a sight I would pay top dollar to see.

In all seriousness, I can't think of anything more romantic and amazing for those two. After forty years, they have been through fifteen or so moves, more than one career change, raised two kids, three dogs, five cats, two lizards and one gerbil. They've had ten or more cars, experienced a few car accidents and consequently, they've grown heads full of gray hair. They've had moments of joy, fear, disappointment and hope. And to think it all started with two teenagers meeting in the hallway of their high school. There's this and so much more to say about my parents. But maybe the best way I can sum them up is with a verse from a Willie Nelson song: "I'm going to love you till the wheels fall off".

I hope Jay and I are so lucky.

I love you Mom and Dad!