Saturday, January 19, 2008

Speeding Up

When I first got to Bozeman I was so very, very bored. There was nothing to do, nowhere to go and no one to keep up with. The dogs were my usual company. But then I started working, and volunteering and meeting people and working some more, and suddenly I'm running from one appointment to the next. Last night the girls from my new job at the shoe store invited me out to see 27 Dresses. It was great going out with the girls even though the movie was bland, predictable, flat and not funny. I really don't recommend seeing it in the theater. Wait until it comes out on DVD and then watch it at home with friends and copious amounts of alcohol, preferably vodka.

I worked all day at the shoe store today and was reminded of just how much I adore shoes. No, really--I mean that. Shoes are a wonderful, beautiful thing. They are necessary and they make people happy. Before I knew it my shift was up and it felt more like play than work. Lucky me.

Okay, I need to catch up my email, lolcats, feed the dogs and then it's off to a dinner party.


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