Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Sorry I didn't post last night, but I was out HAVING A SOCIAL LIFE. That's right--you heard me. I was out on the town eating sushi and cookies with my new friend, Lauren. I also got a phone call while we were out that I had got the job as a sales clerk at the local shoe store. Yay! I'm employed! So all and all it was a great evening.

And I'd also had a great day. My boss at the magazine is having me work on an article that pertains to gear (sorry--can't say more than that right now) and asked me to go out and visit about seven outdoor gear stores here in Bozeman. I am actually being paid to go shopping and then write about it. Ha! Dreams really do come true.

Add to all of the above that my friend Courtney is coming for a visit next month, I won a down puffy vest on ebay (the key word here is "won". I had to fight off another woman for it in the last hour of bidding. Ma, you can relate to that), there is fresh powder on the ground, Robin sent me a fabulous mix CD of much-needed new tunes, and I now have plans for Friday night and you have one happy girl.

Now where is my coffee...


Song of the day: Love Song by Sara Bareilles

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Jackie said...

Yayyyy I'm so glad you're happy again :) Adjusting to a new place is often tough, but it sounds like you've gotten the hang of the place now.