Monday, January 21, 2008

It's Trade Show Time....

While today was by no means the most depressing day of the year, (albeit we're only 21 days into this year) it just might have been the coldest. The day started out at -17 Fahrenheit and warmed up to a balmy -3 by midday. Fun. The car did not want to start, the dogs did not want to be outside and I found myself longing for a place with weather bold enough to actually get above zero. I now find myself huddled down in fleece pajamas with a space heater by the bed, a heating pad stashed under the covers, and a blanket on my head. While it may be effective, it is by no means pretty.

Tomorrow morning I head down to Salt Lake City for the Outdoor Retailer show and then wander back to Montana on Saturday. I'll be there for work and will most likely be chained to a desk furiously typing away on my laptop while sucking lattes at an astonishing rate and eating IB Profin by the fistful. Ahhhhh...I love journalism.

That being said, I might not have time to post until I get back home next weekend. And while I do realize that when I said that I would post every day no matter what unless I was completely isolated from a computer or in the backcountry, and while I do acknowledge that the Outdoor Retailer show is by no means in the middle of the woods devoid of modern amenities such as running water, food, caffeine and electricity, one must admit that this type of classic American trade show is pretty damn close and should be included under the heading of 'the middle of freaking nowhere'.

Cheers and see you next week,

Song of the day: Cigarettes and Chocolate by Rufus Wainwright.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! The show...if you get unchained from your desk and your don't have to stay too close to the restroom because of latte and IP..., no that's the beer and no IB, actual do it...that you are interviewing all these companies for a job that actual pays money...where you can buy the stuff they use your love for shoes and writing and check out the possibility of working for Timberland...this is the one of the best. If you don't visit any other company, go there and visit them!