Thursday, January 17, 2008

Back to Shoes

I finally started my second job yesterday, a month to the day since moving here. It's a great little shoe store downtown that sells all my favorites, Dansko, Merrell, Keen and the like. It's actually very similar to the shoe store I worked in back in Eugene. My new boss even knows the guys out there--small world. They have a large staff of some of the nicest people I've met since coming to Montana, and I was even invited to a movie Friday night.

In the meantime Bozeman continues to be cold and snow-covered, but pretty nonetheless. For the last three mornings I've woken up to find a new layer of snow coating the ground and blanketing my car. For the life of me I still don't understand why they don't plow the streets better.

Considering that I'm sitting here writing about the weather, you can probably guess there is nothing that exciting to report. Life has just finally settled into a routine here and the angst of being a new kid and having a hard time with it is mellowing out. I simply get up every morning, have a shower, drink some coffee, stoke the fire and turn on the laptop and that's all there really is to it.

And as a bit of a plug, if you like folky, Indie, Simon and Garfunkel type music you might really like a duo called Story Hill ( Chris Cunningham, of the two, is going to be mixing the podcasts I'm working on for the magazine. Great stuff--I really recommend it.

Okay...I have to tear myself away from the coffee and wood stove to dig out my car so I can attend a meeting.


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