Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Synopsis: It's only brief to protect the innocent

So what did Courtney and I do when she came to town? Well, aside from eating and drinking we shopped, walked around downtown, went to a banquet, sat on the couch and talked, played pool, attended a horse auction and went horseback riding. It was a very full five days that just zipped by in an instant. The blond Texan by way of Oregon was quite taken with Montana. In fact, she may be back in a month or so for a second visit. In the meantime I'm still recovering from her being here (in a good way:-).

And why am I not saying more? Because this is a public page and I have heard horror stories of people having employers, potential employers, coworkers, parents, professors and the like reading blogs they weren't necessarily meant to see. I'm not saying that Courtney and I did anything stupid, or that we got in trouble with the cops, or that we tattooed or pierced anything (not that getting tattooed or pieced is a bad thing), but we did have a very full, much-needed good time.

What I can say about her being here is that it felt really good to hang out, relax, laugh and enjoy life.


Song of the day: The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson

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