Monday, February 4, 2008

Frozen Panties

My bedroom in the house I live is located in the basement. It's a nice little room with green carpet, an antique short four-post bed, a couple of windows, and pastel pink walls and ceiling. Most of the furniture is rustic and charming, and there is plenty of room for all of my stuff, even my giant box of shoes (I know-shocking). I hung curtains, a makeshift lamp, put up cards and photos from loved ones, and decorated with a few other personal touches (such as the neon velvet Elvis from Courtney via her cousin, Earl) to really make the place my own. Basically, it's a great little room that I feel right at home in.

The only downside to my little oasis of pink is that it's fairly cold. The entire basement, which is made up of a large laundry room, a utility room and another bedroom besides my own is completely without central heat. But that's not to say that I'm suffering down there. I have a space heater, fleece pajamas, hoodie sweatshirt, down comforter, heating pad, flannel sheets, wool socks, wool hat and heated blanket to keep me warm. I'm really rather toasty at night. I just plug is the space heater, nestle down and before I know it I'm happily snoring away.

The only time I notice the lack of heat is when I come down to my room before getting that space heater going. And reach for my pajamas. My frozen pajamas. And it's at that moment, as I'm dangling my icy clothes in front of the space heater, hoping to get them somewhat warm before throwing them on to my naked, pale, shivering body, that I start seriously contemplating running away to Hawaii or Mexico or Thailand or any place, ANY freaking place where one does not have to defrost their clothes before putting them on.

And why, I must ask, does the deicing of the bed not take nearly as long as the clothes? I just jump in with the heating pad and it warms up fairly quickly (not that I'm complaining--I'm just saying it's weird). I swear, if the dogs didn't fart so much I'd get them to warm up my bed and pajamas for me before I bedded down for the night. in Montana.


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