Tuesday, February 12, 2008

People Tags

My roommate, the hunter/author/environmentalist has his opinions, most of which I agree with. It makes for a nice, happy home to be able to yell at the campaign coverage together and not have to argue over what music to listen to or what beer to drink. It's also nice to be able to speak without having to worry about offending the other (as one of my guide students once said, "when Nicki goes into a bar, sailors come out blushing"). In essence, living here suits me just fine.

The other night my friend, Courtney, sent a text message saying she wished there was an open season on people, as she had a certain person rightly in mind. I repeated the wish to my roomie, who replied that he thought she was absolutely right. In fact, he said there shouldn't be a season, but rather that upon birth you receive five people tags, to be used however you choose. Sex offenders? Gone. Over crowded prisons? Quickly reduced. And if you should pass away without needing/wanting to use all your people tags, they can roll over to your next of kin, who can distribute as necessary. Of course the tags wouldn't be legal until a person is at least twenty-one years of age, which could lead to one hell of a 21st birthday.

I love this idea. So did my mother, although I should mention that this is the woman who has been let out of jury duty at least once by answering the death penalty question with, "Hell yes! Let me flip the switch!". Yeah. They sort of let her go home on that one.


Song of the day: The entire Pilot Speed album. Yep, it's that great.

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