Monday, February 11, 2008


Ha! I finally came up with a blog subtitle/description (as seen in the heading above). And you thought it couldn't be done. I know it's short, and maybe it's even cliché, but it is accurate. I also decided to design a new page. The photo of the road behind the blog heading is one that I took as I was leaving Eugene back in June when I started out on this crazy journey.

My totally awesome, fabulous, wonderful and amazing friend, Courtney, is coming for a visit this week. She arrives mid-day on Wednesday and I cannot wait till she gets here. I spent most of today doing all the essential cleaning, making sure the floors, windows, throw rugs and the like all had the stink blown off them. And then I got headed down that all too dangerous road of over cleaning, which generally takes the place of professional counseling, and started oiling the floors, washing the curtains, wiping down the baseboards and dusting off the big horned sheep head that hangs over the dining room table. I got the cobwebs off his horns and then named him Sid. My roommate, who shot the thing and had it mounted, doesn't seem all too pleased with this.

For those of you who know Courtney, you are probably more than slightly aware that she is, to put it as simply as possible, an experience. But for those of you who have not been so lucky as to meet her, I will just say that while she is here I will do my best to capture the beautiful collection of playful insanity that is this person. Think Thelma and Louise without the cliff jumping bit.


Song of the Day: Pretty Girl by Tom Petty


Anonymous said...

Love the picture and slogan!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicki,
The banner and tagline are great! I read your blog EVERY DAY, and I'm greatly enjoying your writing. Take good care of you!
Cheers, Alice (from Wings)