Saturday, December 29, 2007

Daily Details

I know, I know, I has been five whole days since I last posted. Oh the shame! Oh the sorrow! Oh the humanity!!!! But I have my reasons/excuses. I was celebrating Christmas with my family, sleeping (a new one for me), hanging out with friends and basically eating everything in sight. And when all of that ended and I returned to my new home in Bozeman, MT there was unpacking, cleaning, and generally stressing about my new job. And yes, these are all really great excuses, but the fact of the matter is that I said I would post every single day and I didn't when I should have. It's not like I had my hands tied behind my back or was in a coma. I simply didn't post. So poo on me. From now on I will only neglect to post if I am in the woods or have absolutely zero access to the internet. Sound fair enough?

Okay, so back to life. My flight back to the wide open country of Montana was fairly easy. There was baby-cries-alot on the first leg of the journey (seated next to me, of course) but other than that it all went fine. I came home, unpacked my bags, and immediately began cleaning the kitchen with a vengeance (hey--it was therapeutic for me).

There was a bit of a miscommunication about when my first day at Backpacking Light was supposed to be. They weren't expecting me till next week and consequently didn't have anything for me to do. However, my new boss was able start me on a really exciting podcast project that I've been happily tinkering away on while warming my toes next to the wood stove. I never thought I'd like working from home, but the truth is that it's kind of nice. It's a totally new experience for me to be able to prop my feet up on the coffee table and sip tea in my pajamas while sending emails. I can do web research and not be distracted by a ringing phone or an annoying co-worker. I can even refresh my brain by taking a break to do the laundry or unload the dishwasher (and yes, that is a plus given my obsessive Type A personality). I'm not thinking about office politics or how I'm interacting with co-workers because the only living, breathing, things that I'm working with are the dogs and the cat. And while the dogs can be distracting, I can generally tell them to go lay down and they'll leave me be. However, the female dog, Sage, has learned that if she really wants my attention, and I'm ignoring her, all she has to do is lay her head directly on my keyboard and look up at my with those adoring princess eyes. It works every time, and I've certainly never had a co-worker do that before.

It also dawned on me while I was tapping away yesterday that this was almost my dream job. This time last year if you'd asked me what my dream job was and I was brave enough to tell you, I'd have said it would be working for an outdoor magazine. And here I am. With the exception of a few minor details such as working full time, being paid salary, and having benefits, this is fairly close to the real deal for me, and that is pretty great.


Song of the Day: Beautiful Day by U2 (Too cheesy? I don't care.)

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