Monday, September 24, 2007


Surprise! It’s snowing in Lander. This morning I was greeted with 40 degrees and rain at 7AM. By 8AM the rain looked a tad heavy…almost snow-like. But it’s September so that couldn’t be right. And then the temperature did a sudden drop to mid thirties, opening the sky to rain down buckets of snow. It was great! The flamingo that sits proudly on the front lawn is now dusted in white and I’m snuggling down at my computer with a mocha and my fleece jacket zipped up to my chin. I’m sure it will melt before lunch (after all it was sunny and warm yesterday) but it’s still fun while it lasts.

Yay for winter! Wait—what happened to fall?

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Jackie said...

:) Wow that's pretty neat. I remember a snowstorm in Cheyenne (I think?) in June once when we drove through. That's a cold, cold state you're living in. I think our first snow in Idaho was early October.