Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Five minutes to spare

Hi all,

I have a few minutes to spare before I head from my day job to my night job so I thought I'd do a quick update on what I've been doing.

Until last week I was working as a cocktail waitress at the Lander Bar. After one too many late night shifts I decided to call it quits and head off to work as a server at a restaurant. The decision to leave the bar for the restaurant was based on better hours, better pay, and better people. Kind of hard to argue with that.

For housing I am dog/house sitting this week. I've had interesting experiences as a professional dog-sitter this past month and my two latest charges are just as unique and quirky. Parker, the smaller of the two is an antique and may be as old as 15 (her owner's aren't sure of her age) while the younger one, Dawson, is hyper and eats anything he can get a hold of (tin cans, card board, muffins, and my lunch). The really fun bit is that they're both deaf. Dawson has always been deaf so he responds to signs but Parker has just recently lost her hearing so she pretty well does whatever she wants (kind of like an old lady in a Cadillac). They're very cute, and signing to a dog is actually kind of fun.

I'll be gone most of next week to Flaming Gorge over Labor Day weekend and then Yellowstone September 4-9. I can't wait! Sight-seeing, partying, hiking, camping, bbq-ing, SLEEPING! It's going to be awesome.

In the meantime I'm having a busy work week trying to get all my stuff done before heading out of town. It's been crazy here but it's all good. I'm a much happier person when I'm so busy I can hardly see straight. As my mom says, "you just go and go and go until you're a greasy spot on the floor."

Which reminds me--I gotta go to work!


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